Griefline Knowledge offers a range of self-paced courses to help users better understand grief and loss, and build the skills of people who interact with grieving clients, patients, colleagues, friends, family and members of the community.Our evidence-based theoretical and therapeutic approaches have been applied by the Griefline team for over 30 years to support Australians through their grief. Explore our courses now to find a program that meets your needs.


Advanced Grief Theories

Designed to develop and upskill professional therapists in contemporary grief and bereavement theories and how to support people experiencing prolonged grief.


Addressing Loneliness

This training program helps participants identify the signs and risk factors of loneliness and social isolation, while gaining the knowledge and skills to support themselves and others.


Grief-Informed Workplace

Designed to help improve grief literacy in the workplace by sharing the necessary skills to recognise the different facets of grief, basic grief concepts, and how to respond appropriately to grieving people and practice self-care while supporting others after loss.


Understanding Prolonged Grief

Understand the risk factors that predispose some people to experience more severe, long-term grief responses and explore the definition of prolonged grief and how it interferes with functioning.